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Commercial Roof Coating Service

What We Offer

Are you needing protection for your buildings roof? With LS2200 and HS3200 series silicone coating we can offer exceptionally strong physical properties that will not be comprised even in ponding water like most other commercial roof coatings. We can guarantee that by applying this system to your roof, your structure will remain watertight and leak free! Did we forget to mention ENERGY EFFICIENT? We use a silicone coating called "COOL ROOF" that reflects sunlight and radiant heat from a building, allowing a building to stay cool and reduce energy cost.

protecting concrete surfaces

Image by Oliver Ulerich

metal roof panels

Builders in work clothes install new roofing tools, roofing tools, electric drill and use

protecting smooth surface BUR, modified bitumen and single ply membranes

Fragment of the roof of a commercial building with a external units of the commercial air

With the flexibility of our High Solids silicone we can offer a broader range of surfaces we can cover like concrete, granulated cap sheet, polyurethane foam and various single ply membrane roofs. Don't ignore your buildings roof any longer, Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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